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Eisenmann Gesamtkatalog 2016

5 WE ARE DRIVEN BY SOUND ÜBERUNS/ABOUTUS Sportmufflersprovideproofeverydayofthe first-class work of our specialists for exhaust systems, whether they are made of highest quality stainless steel or mufflers that we manufacture for motor sports using high performance INCONEL® technology. Every single sport muffler is handcrafted and perfectly coordinated for a particular vehicle and purpose. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems does not compromise on quality. Our products set standards, for design and workmanship as well as for performance and sound. This is whyrenownedmanufacturersrelyonus,for example Porsche AG, which uses exclusive equipment “made by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems” in its sports cars. Titanium was yesterday – INCONEL® is today Eisenmann Exhaust Systems brings For-Eisenmann Exhaust Systems brings ForEisenmann Exhaust Systems brings For mula 1 racing technology to the roads. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems not only pro- duces high quality sport mufflers in stain- less steel but also performance optimized mufflers in INCONEL® technology. This nickel-chrome alloy is still entirely tempera- ture-stable at more than 1000 degrees Cel- sius. Therefore this material is even more re- sistant than titanium which reacts critically with air components from approximately 400 degrees and can lead to brittle fracture on the long run. INCONEL® 625 on the other hand stands out due to its durability and allows a weight reduction of more than 40 percent. History When considering an exhaust for a Euro- pean car, style, as much as anything else, needs to be given serious consideration. After all, an exhaust should compliment the styling of the vehicle, not degrade it. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems offers exhaust tip styling that accentuates the exterior ap- pearanceofthevehicle.Sincenoteveryone’s preference is identical, depending on the model, there are multiple tip styles and sizes to choose from. You are sure to find exactly the style you are looking for with an Eisenmann Exhaust Systems exhaust. Philosophy Each Eisenmann Exhaust Systems exhaust product combines the latest in technology with handmade, topquality craftsmanship. The result is an exhaust that fascinates the senses with its performance, style and sound. „driven by sound“ For years the automobile industry trusts in products „Made by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems“. Porsche AG also belongs to our customers, whose vehicles are equipped with our Exclusive Accessories. These enduring relationships authenticate Eisenmann Exhaust Systems’s commitment to providing premier exhaust systems. The dedication to excellence that is delivered to championship teams around the world is inherent in every system Eisenmann Exhaust Systems produces. Achiving a phe- nomenalbutclassysoundoutofanexhaust is not a trivial task. WE ARE DRIVEN BY SOUND